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Faster Pre-cooling of furnace to reduce shutdown time

Furnace Cooling


When the refineries are shutdown, during the maintenance work in the furnace, it has to be cooled down to enable the workers to do an inspection, maintenance, and repair work. The temperature of the furnace has to drop down from 1000OC (approx) to ambient temperature which under normal circumstance would take a very long time.

Due to high temperature, maintenance activities cannot be carried out immediately after the shutdown and workers have to wait for the temperature level to come down. Thus, precious man hours get wasted and the shutdown process gets delayed leading to an increase of cost.


The solution is to cool down the furnace in a faster way to save time and decrease the shutdown duration. Also, to remove toxic gases from the furnace and provide fresh air inside it to enable workers to do maintenance jobs without causing any harm to them. To do this, a dehumidification system is required.


  • Save man-hours
  • Decrease downtime
  • Faster completion of jobs
  • Reduction of shutdown time resulting in tangible cost benefit
  • Increase in worker productivity

Our Solution

TDS offers best-in-class dehumidifiers, condensing units, and blowers to provide dehumidified cool conditioned air. Cold and dry air is forced inside the furnace from the inspection doors. The conditioned air creates a positive pressure in the furnace and removes the contaminated air, bringing fresh, dry and cool air into the furnace. The temperature of the cold air is maintained at 8-10oC below the ambient air temperature. Relative Humidity can is maintained between 50% to 60% and temperature is brought down to ambient level at a faster rate, in comparison to natural cooling.

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Reliance, Jamnagar

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